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3 Best Benefits Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Ever heard of omega 3 fatty acids? What do they do and why are they so important for your health, skin and hair. Well here, the experts at faiza beauty cream have deduced every information you need to know about these fatty acids. Happy scrolling!

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Yummy Strawberry And It’s Bundle Of Benefits

Love eating strawberry? Everyone does! But did you ever think about the bundle of benefits it has in it? Well here you are. Strawberry is rich in antioxidants which help you boost the skin glow, health and hair care. So scroll down and learn more about.

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Love Tulsi? Learn About It’s Amazing Benefits Here!

Tulsi is one of the most common herbs in an Asian household. It is also known as holy basil. It is of the mint family with most commonly three main types. Out of which holy basil is under discussion. The experts at Faiza Beauty Cream have managed to do deep research on the amazing benefits of tulsi. Scroll down and learn more!Read More »

Love Potatoes? Here Are Some Benefits For You!

Potato is one of the most loved vegetable around the world. But here we are talking about the benefits of it. It surely does put on weight but let’s look at the benefits we get. The experts at Faiza beauty cream have enlisted the benefits potatoes give to your health, skin and hair.

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Want Good Hair Growth? You Need These Vitamins!

We all want to have good strong hair to flaunt about. Also women love flicking their hair. They opt for several and multiple tips to boost the hair growth. Either they go for parlor therapies or chemical treatments. But hardly anyone ever told you about the essential vitamins which you need for the best growth of hair!Read More »

Chickpeas: Beautiful Skin, Long Hair & Good Health

Chickpeas is what we call the everything package. Yummy in taste. These chickpeas has everything any women is looking for. We all love to have a beautiful skin with long pretty hair falling like a waterfall. But do we know what we actually need for it? Experts at faiza beauty cream have your back in this!

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Tired Of Dandruff? Here Are 5 Ways To Get Rid Of It!

Dandruff is the greatest enemy of healthful hair. Almost anyone folks has emerge as the sufferer of dandruff at one time or the alternative. A slightest signal of it have to be dealt with immediately or it may get out of control. moreover, dandruff weakens the scalp and the white flakes falling at the skin reasons other skin troubles.

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Hot Water Or Cold Water To Wash Your Hair?

Let’s discover – as soon as and for all – what’s the right temperature for hair wash in special circumstances. What are the advantages and drawbacks of using warm or cold water to wash hair. if you suppose that water temperature isn’t vital, think again as it clearly is. In case you discover ways to use water of different temperatures in your favor then it can simply advantage your hair.

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